Social Engineering

Social engineering is an emerging attack in every decade. Still, social engineering is increasing day by day. There are many situations when attackers try to find out different ways to mislead their targets for gathering credentials. Every time attackers use ongoing real-time situations in social engineering attacks. Social engineering is the art of tricking end-users to enter their credentials on fake login pages or end giving their banking credentials information. Using social engineering for attackers is much easier than attacking their networks. Unless if the network poorly configured or using bad password policies. …

Spyse (GUI Enumeration)

While searching down any details of any website. Web Penetration tester uses different methods to find out basic details for the target URL. In a more simple way, web reconnaissance is a process of evaluating information of the target URL. Web reconnaissance is done to understand how the URL works. There are two main types of reconnaissance: -

  • Active Reconnaissance — In this reconnaissance, attacker involves with their target for gathering details for exploiting.
  • Passive Reconnaissance — In this reconnaissance, attackers gather details without involving with their target.

For finding bugs, the penetration tester relies on open services, ports, and…



Web Penetration testing now becomes a necessity for all organizations. Now every company or any firm makes a web penetration on their websites. And web penetration is becoming a requirement for every organization. There many ways of doing web penetration testing. Earlier is used to be manual ways but nowadays due to the high demand for organizations. Most web penetration testing is done on automation tools. But not every bug or vulnerability could be found using automation tools. But somehow for the information gathering part, most web penetration testers use automation tools. …

Linux widely used operating system by many companies. Linux is built on an open-source community with many Linux distributions. Linux can be used according to requirements. Developers, Testers, Security researchers have different options for Linux flavors that are used. Even most of the company's servers are set up on Linux. Linux is one most used operating systems because of its security, uniqueness, and reliability.

While doing security assessments, Penetration testing is used to make an assessment on local networks, servers, and other end-user devices. If any of the networking devices or servers are setup on Linux. Penetration Testers can run…

internet Thoughts

Internet which has every answer to your question. Today most people spend their time on the internet. An average user uses social media platforms for sharing his/her thoughts. There are many other things that can be done on the Internet. Shopping, Watching, Gaming, Writing and other things which you can even imagine goes on the internet. Even you are reading this article on the Internet. Internet was started on 6 August 1991 was build for military purposes. In today’s internet world, everything is just a click away. But in the Internet world, there are cybercriminals who are waiting for innocent…



A network where two or more computers share different files. Network is a combination of servers, routers, switches which helps to connect local computers to the network. Today we can see almost every work is done on the network. That’s why these networks need an end to end protection. Many companies are putting their skills to protect networks. But still, security lacks. With the ease of time, sharing files becomes suspicious and risky. Cybercriminal who uses different methods to steal important files, they even know how to break strong encryption. Day to day many cyber-attacks are done using various social…


GitHub is a very popular platform for developers. Any developer can showcase their skills by uploading their written code. The main perspective is providing hosting space, especially for developers. Nowadays we can see that many new developers have started posting their codes.

GitHub provides free as well as paid hosting services. Even many technicals articles are found on Github. While searching down Github, sometimes it takes time to find the details about any repository. So in that case we can use RepoPeek.


Nowadays most applications require a location to be enabled on your mobile devices. As the user enables location, the user can see more relevant searches where the user is currently present. Depending on what product or place, the user is searching for. Google gives more nearby results. This helps users to save a lot of time. But giving location access to unnecessary applications or websites could lead cybercriminals to know your location or even gather details where users visit. Due to the current situation around the world, some countries government has mandatory to enable location. …

Very common these days when you receive an email from an unknown sender or it's a marketing email. You will find links inside that email claiming to get rewards or you can win cash. Such emails or any other emails come with suspicious links. Email works on the basis of a recommendation. When you regularly use email it will show you relevant ads in emails. For example — if you are using email for searching for jobs. After a few days, you will start receiving ads on spamming jobs. Most of them contain links by using big tech company's names…

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is a form of protecting servers, local networks, user data from cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are intended to steal login credentials, users' data including financial information, and breaking other businesses. Cybersecurity is intended to protect the user's privacy, data, financial information, and other information that can go into the wrong hands. Now days implementing cybersecurity is the greatest challenge in some organizations. Because there are some companies or organizations which are not still ready to understand Cybersecurity implementations.

Cyber Security Topics

Leaving Backdoor Open

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